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Whether you take down the walls or not, space planning is the key to a balanced and well planned space.


Choosing the perfect color is pretty challenging for most people; for me it is a passion both as an artist and a designer. Colors are the cheapest and fastest way to change any space with the simple touch of a brush.


A lot of times there is no need to break down the walls along with your budget. Your space can be changed with the right furniture arrangement, lighting fixtures, colors, fabrics, accessories and art pieces.


Great light fixtures can make any room fabulous, give the right amount of light and change the feel and mood of the space.


“Tal is a brilliant, passionate, and professional interior designer. We hired her to help with interior design of our whole house which was recently remodeled. She has rich imagination and experience, and is able to put together beautiful design in different style preferences, be it transitional, modern, Mediterranean etc. Besides outstanding design service, Tal also has great resources, such as professional carpenter, countertop/live edge wood dealers, and designer discount in many hardware and furniture companies.

It is a great investment to hire Tal for our house design.”

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Design Partner: Ayelet Mendelovich 
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