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About Tal

Tal Goldstein

Tal Goldstein is an Artist and Interior Designer born in Israel and currently living and creating art in the San Francisco Bay Area. In both her art and interior design craft, Tal considers harmony and scale as the basis for any artistic creation. As a talented painter, she creates one-of-a-kind abstract and mixed-media paintings with texture and unique color combinations, taking into account the room as context. She likes to use acrylic paint and incorporate recycled materials such as newspapers, sand, beads, glass, wood, sparkles and old posters in order to create original and unique abstract art pieces.

Tal’s art was featured on the New York Times in an article about whose founders enjoys two of Tal’s unique paintings in their living room.

Tal gladly accepts personalized requests for customized paintings for private homes and commercial spaces. 

“I see potential all around me. I like to take a realistic images from my surroundings and transform it into an abstract that is open to interpretation for each person. In my art, I enjoy reusing natural objects to create texture”.
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