Mixed Media Painting

Tips to Choose the Perfect Mixed Media Painting for Your Living Room

Your living room is the place where you entertain your guests and have a party with your friends. Therefore, its atmosphere should be relaxing, inviting and full of warmth. Keeping this in mind, you can enhance the aesthetics of the walls in your living room by placing stunning mixed media paintings. However, just buying and hanging a beautiful painting on the wall is not enough. Choosing the perfect painting to compliment the color, theme and style of your walls can greatly add to the aesthetic appeal of the living room.

Here are a few things you need to consider to choose the perfect painting:

Wall Space

Choosing Art and paintings with the right size can be a bit of work. For efficient space optimization, it’s imperative that it matches the size of your wall. Also, it’s important to decide beforehand which wall the painting will look its very best. So, look around the living room and measure the space before you buy a painting as placing Oversized wall art could hinder the appearance of your living room.


Room Colors

The painting and wall décor art should harmonize with the colors of your living room. It must also blend with the tone of the wall. While a painting with bolder and deeper colors will look more attractive and welcoming in a living room, it needs to match the color scheme of the room to enhance its aesthetic appeal. For instance, for living rooms with a neutral color scheme, a painting with vivid and bright colors will add a bit of fusion in the room.

Visual Balance


Visual balance in your living room is a necessity. Inappropriate visual balance will seem off and uncomfortable to you as well the guests you entertain. Hence, the mixed media painting must have the right fit and scale to maintain the visual balance of the living room. A painting that matches the upholstery or the walls will give your living room a more visually balanced look. The placement of your painting is also important. It should not only enhance the visual balance of your living room, but also give it a focal point to make the room more interesting.

Theme & Style


Last but not least, it only makes sense to opt for a painting that compliments the theme and style of your living room. For instance, for rooms with a vintage look, traditional or Victorian paintings would be a wise selection. For rooms with contemporary furniture, surreal and abstract art  will be more suitable. Similarly, for ethnically styled rooms, going with an ethnic theme is the best choice. So, before you buy a painting, keep the theme and style of your living room in mind to ensure your painting doesn’t look out of place.

And that’s about it! Keep these tips in mind when you are shopping for a mixed media painting for your living room, and rest assured you will be able to choose the perfect one for your needs.

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