Exploring the Beauty of Mixed Media Paintings

Exploring the Beauty of Mixed Media Paintings

Mixed media paintings involve an art form that combines multiple media in a single piece. This is where the artist would, for instance use ink, watercolors, and colored pencils on a single project to create beautiful mixed details. You can do so much with this art form, such as making greeting cards, creating a collage, or sculpting a sculpture.

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Top Mixed Media Painting Techniques

Top Mixed Media Painting Techniques

Mixed Media Painting

Mixed media paintings cater to many aspects of Mixed Media Art and skilling a few basic techniques can really help step up your art network to a completely new level. Here are the top three techniques you need to know to master the art of mixed media paintings:

Blending the Paints

Blending the right colors to produce a new color is critical to any mixed media artwork. Pick two colors that work best together – two shades of green, two shades of blue, a maroon and purple. Begin by adding one portion of one color and then following it up with the next color. Add water to your paintbrush and mix the meeting sections together. Start covering your background and allow each paint layer to thoroughly dry before starting the next one.

Debit Card Painting

This technique is a good use of watercolors and covers a wide area. For this, you will need an old debit, credit or store card. Use it to drag the paint on to the background. Experiment with different pressures, angles and thickness levels.

Use Stencils

Making stencils is a simple way to create shapes or patterns into your art and painting. You can use plastic sheets for simple designs and try cutting out printed photos with a craft knife for more complicated designs. Use a stenciling brush to add paint with a stencil.

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How to Buy Mixed Media Paintings

How to Buy Mixed Media Paintings

Mixed Media Paintings

When it comes to buying mixed media paintings, the best place to find good pieces of art will vary. One affordable alternative for paintings like collage and sculpture are craft fairs as they offer buyers the opportunity to buy art directly from the artist. Buyers can also buy works from well-known and professional artists through galleries and dealers. That, however, will end up costing you a lot of money. If you are looking for affordable yet exclusive art, it is best that you opt to buy art and paintings from artists selling original art online.

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Exploring Mixed Media Painting

Exploring Mixed Media Painting

Mixed Media Painting

As with any other artistic endeavor, there are many different forms of mixed media painting. In this article, Tal Design gives you a brief insight of each:

Greeting Card

Just as the ones purchased at stores, many artists create greeting cards using scrapbooking or collage techniques and not to mention, traditional art and painting methods.

Artist Trading Cards (ATC)

Developed in Switzerland, these miniature works of art are usually 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size and can be just about anything fancied by the artist – it doesn’t necessarily need to be mixed media. Many artists, however, choose artist trading cards as a form of mini collage.


A collage, also called papier colle, is any form of art, which is completed by gluing certain objects to a board, piece of paper or canvas.

Altered Book

The altered book, as the name implies, is created when a mixed media artist takes a new or old book and alters its function and appearance using multiple techniques including but not limited to collage, tearing, painting, folding and cutting.


Like artist trading cards, sculpture doesn’t need to be mixed media. Many contemporary artists, however, go for this route. It can include paint, wire, papier-mache and just about anything else, the artist fancies or finds inspiring.

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Mixed Media Paintings for Your Office

Mixed Media Paintings for Your Office


Mixed media paintings can add a great deal of interest to just about any office. Not every piece of artwork needs to be framed. In fact, mixing different types of artwork with cool wall art opens up more room for creativity and fun. However, just make sure not to overcrowd your office with too many paintings. Instead, groupings of smaller mixed media pieces can allow you to make a statement you desire, that too, without overwhelming your employees, coworkers or clients.

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