Abstract Art

Why Should You Buy Abstract Art from Tal Design?

Are you looking for abstract art for your home or office? While many artists sell their artwork through sites such as Etsy and eBay, others like Tal Design have their own portfolio website so that they can present their art and paintings the way they want to. Sure, you can always buy art from galleries, but there are a few benefits of doing so directly from Tal Design. Here’s why it makes sense:

Original Art Online at Better Prices

Did you know that art galleries add a mark-up of up to 50%? As a result, a mixed media painting that costs $400 would be selling for $800. In addition, let’s face it – not everyone has that kind of a budget! However, since Tal Design sells her products online, she are able to set her own prices, which in a majority of cases are relatively less expensive.

Furthermore, as she handles all the marketing and branding herself, she doesn’t have to add a markup like most traditional galleries do. In fact, there is also a secure shopping cart going to be offered soon so that you can buy abstract art directly from her site.


Extensive Collection

You will find a diverse variety of artwork online compared to a traditional art gallery. With access to such an extensive collection of artworks, it becomes easier to select as per your liking. What’s more is that you can view these artworks at your own time without having anybody to influence your buying decision. You have the freedom to choose exactly what you want.

Ability to Compare Prices

Tal Design will have listed prices for her abstract and modern art works. You can compare prices to see which artworks fall under your budget and then make a decision accordingly. As mentioned, Tal Design will be opening its online store soon, so you will be able to purchase what you want right away.


Buying is Easy


When it comes to buying artworks online, all it takes is a few clicks! It’s convenient to shop online for cool wall art in your own time, rather than traveling long distances to find an art gallery.

As you can see, buying abstract art from Tal Design has many benefits to offer. If you are in search of pieces for your office or home, head to Tal Design’s online shop to find art that inspires you and gives meaning to your space.

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